Monday, March 19, 2018

Check your portal! The 2018-2019 Notification Letters are Available!

The big day has arrived! LAUSD has sent out the 2018-2019 Notification Letters. You might receive an email about the letter, but you will still need to log in at to view the letter.

The letter will state whether your child has been admitted to a magnet program or been wait-listed.

If your child has been accepted, once you have read the letter, you will need to go back to the landing page, click "next", and then choose to accept or decline. You should receive a confirmation email of your choice.

If your child has been wait-listed, there will be instructions on how to proceed (usually you don't need to do anything).

In the past, letters have also been sent by snail mail. So if you don't have access to the application portal, you should receive a letter within a few days. If you haven't heard by Thursday, I would call Student Integration Services at (213) 241-4177 on Friday, since the office may be closed next week during Spring Break.

I hope you get the outcome you are hoping for - good luck!

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