Monday, November 13, 2017

What to Expect after Submitting the Choices Application

Now that you've submitted your Choices application, you might be wondering what happens next. Here's a brief timeline:

December 2017: Confirmation/Correction letters are sent. Online applicants should receive an email stating that the letter can be viewed online. Paper applicants will receive the letter via snail mail. The Confirmation/Correction letter states that your application has been received, indicates which school(s) you applied to, and any priority points your child may have. It also states whether any corrections are required.

February 2018: If you applied to a Gifted/High Ability or Highly Gifted magnet program, you will receive a separate notification regarding your child's eligibility or ineligibility for the program.

March 2018: Notification/Waiting List letters are sent.  All letters should be sent via snail mail, regardless of how you applied. However, online applicants may be able to view their letters online before receiving their snail mail letter. If your child is accepted to a school you'd like him or her to attend, congratulations - and be sure to follow the instructions in the letter to claim your spot!

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