Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Magnet Schools for the 2018-2019 School Year

As previously mentioned, the Choices Application for the 2018-2019 year becomes available on October 2, 2017. There will be 35 new schools to choose from, including four full school magnets and 31 new magnet centers. I've listed the new schools below, separated by the grades they serve.

Full School Magnets:

Garvanza ES (1-5): Technology and Leadership
Rosewood ES (1-5): Urban Planning and Urban Design
Stonehurst ES (1-5): STEAM

Burbank MS (6-8): STEAM

Magnet Centers:

Melvin ES (K-5): Humanities and Leadership
Mosk ES (K-5): STEAM

93rd Street ES (1-5): STEAM
Griffith Joyner ES (1-5): Visual and Performing Arts
Haddon ES (1-5): STEAM
Hamasaki ES (1-5): Medicine and Science
Manchester ES (1-5): Communications and Broadcasting
Sendak ES (1-5): Arts, Communication and Technology
Sunny Brae ES (1-5): Global Awareness
White ES (1-5): Visual and Performing Arts

Barton Hills ES (1-6): STEAM and Collaborative

Annalee ES (2-5): STEAM
Cimarron ES (2-5): STEAM

Dayton Heights ES (3-5): Urban Environmental Science

Dodson MS (6-8): Visual and Performing Arts
Hollenbeck MS (6-8): Law and Public Service
Lawrence MS (6-8): Pioneering Science
Nightingale MS (6-8): Medicine, Health and Kinesiology
Northridge MS (6-8): Medical and Health Careers
Obama Global Prep (6-8): STEAM
Romer MS (6-8): Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Ability/Humanities
Southeast MS (6-8): STEAM
Sutter MS (6-8): STEAM and Leadership

Franklin HS (6-12): Dual Language

Bernstein HS (9-12): Cinematic Arts and Creative Technologies
Dymally HS (9-12): Biomedical Science and Research
Fairfax Police Academy (9-12)
Gardena HS (9-12): Public Law and Public Service
Grant HS (9-12): Humanities for Interdisciplinary Studies
Monroe HS (9-12): Firefighter Academy
Rancho Dominguez Prep (9-12): Law, Government and Public Service

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